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Some answers to the most common questions:

Size chart and clothing measurement table how do I determine my required size?
The one table contains body measurements and the other measures of the finished garment!
Body measurements: simply compare your measurements on the body with our table.
Dress Measurements: Compare a well-fitted blouse or dress made of woven fabric, a T-shirt or tunic from your closet with our table.
Are you still uncertain - then ask us, we are happy to help.
How do I order a cut pattern?
Click on the title list of the desired cut pattern, the section opens.
The first, open display, is always the smallest available size!
Which is the right size?
NEW!!! Here we have a table with body measurements. Use the table to select the appropriate size.
For which height are our cut patterns designed?
168 cm -
66,14 inches, but it is possible to adjust the cut patterns of your body length,
simply cut patterns at the given place and pull them apart or push them together!
Is not yet available with every cut, but is drawn on request.
Simply enter your height at the end of the shopping basket.
Are the seam allowances included in the patterns?
Of course - you will find the relevant information in the sewing instructions!
Heat seal paper?
Our cut's are printed on heat-sealing paper, but in an emergency we are allowed to use a different paper
- but there has been no emergency in the past 9 years! How it is used is in our tutorials.

On Which size am I currently?
Visible from the outside, the smallest size, click in this offer either on the headline or on "ADVERTISING" then the offer opens.
Top right is always the size you are currently on.
For another size, do it this way: Scroll down to the bottom, where you have the option
under "Variations" to select another - always click on the order number.

Do I need to log out?
For your own safety YES! Basically always, if you login somewhere also log out again !!!
I can not order anything - do not have a shopping cart?
This is due to your browser settings or even to your browser.

My country is missing in the customer information, may I not then order?
No not really - just talk to us!
Payment Shipping Postage?
This informations you will find under new page named: Payment Shipping Postage

And always applies!?!?!
If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

This page is constantly being expanded by your questions ...

With a very nice greeting,
Your Regina Schmidt