Sewing Pattern


General information about all patterns!

 All our patterns in size 34 - 62 are made by RS-Design24, although not program supported,
nevertheless on a very professional way - only for you as a hobby tailor to private cesarean,
produced and permanently extended as seasonally.
Each pattern comes of course with an illustrated sewing instructions in German! But (!) For non-German speaking - we have all seams colorfully marked, as they belong together. Blue on blue, pink on pink etc.
Furthermore, all our cuts already include seam allowances, exceptions are noted in the sewing instructions.
Click on the respective heading for further offer details
(like measurements or pictures) to get!
The white measurement charts are always dress measurements, measured on the finished part!
The green measurement charts are only our body measurements.
Should any questions arise, we are of course by phone or email ready.
Your Regina Schmidt